Bathymetry and Coastlines for the gulf of mexico


Bathymetric data collections

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The site includes currently available bathymetric data in the Gulf of Mexico.

Entire region

  1. SRTM30PLUS -  30 arc second SRTM Land topography with measure and estimated seafloor topography in the Gulf of Mexico. The data was based on SRTM30_PLUS V6.0

Northern Gulf of Mexico (US)

  1. NGDC Coastal Relief Model (CRM)

  1. Multibeam Bathymetry (MB) - The georeferenced multi-beam full soundings data

  2.     ArcInfo point coverage format (MB-Pts)

  3.     50 m gridded data in XYZ format (MB-GRID)

  4.     50 m gridded data in UTM zone (MB-UTM)

  1. Others - Bathymetry related data in shapefile format (Shapefiles)