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bathymetry related data in Shapefile format


- An archive contains ArcView shapefiles. When you download a file, click an image.

B. Lease Blocks

    - Files include block.dbf, block.shp, and block.shx.

    - The field names include "lease_num", "ocs", "block_lab", and "ac_lab", which are the lease number, OCS name, block number, and OCS name with block number, respectively.

C. OCS areas

    - Files include ocs.dbf, ocs.shp, and ocs.shx.

    - The field names include "ocs_abr" and "ocs", which are abbreviations of OCS name and OCS full name, respectively.

A. Contours (in meters)

    - 50 m , 100 m, 200 m, 300 m, and 400 m divisional contours.

    - The suffixes are: dbf, shp, and shx.

D. Feature names

    - The shapefile that contains the feature names.

E. Drainage paths

    - High-order drainage (general paths): Files include stream.dbf, stream.shp, and stream.shx

    - Low-order drainage (detailed paths): Files include strdetail.dbf, strdetail.shp, and strdetail.shx

strdetail.zipShapefiles_files/strdetail.zipfile://localhost/strdetal-8.zipshapeimage_2_link_0 (1.6 MB)Shapefiles_files/blocks.zipfile://localhost/blocks-14.zipshapeimage_3_link_0 (98 KB)Shapefiles_files/ocs.zipfile://localhost/ocs-14.zipshapeimage_4_link_0 (49 KB)Shapefiles_files/feature.zipfile://localhost/feature-15.zipshapeimage_5_link_0

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