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Driftcard Map Gulf Integrated Spill Response (GISR) Consortium driftcard project
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This is a part of Gulf Integrated Spill Research (GISR) consortium program.
GISR uses floating environmentally-friendly drift cards as a surrogate marker for the transport for a surface oil slick.

Scientists on research cruises, funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), will drop these cards at various locations in the Gulf and keep a detailed record of the point of entry.

Each card has a unique number and instructions for the public to call or email the card number and describe where they found it. These cards will serve the dual purpose of tracking the surface currents and being a tool for community outreach.

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How to

Table The red circle represents a dropped location. Multiple card bottles were deployed at the same location. For example, Card #1-10 are deployed at the same lat/long.
The yellow square highlights the reported location. If there is no yellow square, the card is not founded or reported yet.
Time slider

The movie play button starts a time-control slider. The time slider is configured to have two thumbs so only cards between the two thumb ranges are displayed.
This thumb can be expanded: To see all data, expand the two thumbs to both ends.

Default index range is 1-week.

Thumb index can be changed like below.

** time slider moves every 3 seconds and loop automatically.


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